10 Micro-SaaS Ideas in 2021

Micro-SaaS is one of the most lucrative opportunities for small business entrepreneurs. Here are some great micro-SaaS ideas you can start with today.

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Vivek Dixit

For anyone looking to start a successful business, micro SaaS ideas are a great way to get into that space. Demand for SaaS services has been growing considerably in the last decade and micro-SaaS is raging at the moment.

It's evident that founders are already turning to micro-SaaS, which turns out to be an extremely profitable decision for some of them. So before talking about finding micro-SaaS ideas, let's talk about micro-SaaS.

What is micro-SaaS?

Micro-SaaS is a term used to refer to a software-based service that is smaller than most traditional SaaS products. It's smaller in size but has almost the same benefits with much lower risks. It is easier for new businesses to enter the SaaS market without sacrificing quality or growth potential.

Micro-SaaS is becoming more popular as a way to provide better quality services that are easier to launch. In this article, we will help you to fix an idea to get started with. Each idea in the list is growth-worthy and can be turned into a profitable micro-SaaS business.

Here are 10 micro-SaaS ideas in 2021 to fuel your train of thought.

Email Optimiser

Yes, it’s 2021 and we’re still talking about cluttered email inbox. With so many emails being sent daily, it's hard to manage and organize all of them. This is where a micro-SaaS tool can come in handy.

With an email optimizer tool, you will be able to organize, segregate and keep your inbox clean. A simple tool can also make it easier for you and your team members to collaborate on projects with cleaner UI/UX.

Examples: Mailstrom

Invoicing Client

An effective and efficient way of tackling the invoicing and billing process is with a micro-SaaS tool. You can use invoice templates, collect payments via invoice, import old data for accounting purposes, send scheduled notifications to customers via email, and more.

As an inexpensive option to the bigger software, a micro-SaaS billing solution is perfect for small businesses. Some of the existing examples of similar micro-SaaS services are InvoiceNinja, Elorus, Invoicy.

Staff Management

A vital part of a company's success is having the right staff to get the job done. 

Staff management is an administrative process that can be aided by implementing a workforce management micro-SaaS tool.

Services like WorkForce Software or WFMSoft help you to automate your staff scheduling, especially when there are multiple shifts and teams. You can build a micro-SaaS tool with unique and just the right features to optimize the task in the staff. 

Examples: ClockShark, Ceridian Dayforce, DeskTime.

Time Management

A time management tool that is efficient and helps with daily tasks will get some attention. You need just the right features for this and a brilliant UI/UX.

This tool will help to organize your day, be it personal or professional. The features can include reminders for deadlines, workday productivity, and Pomodoro timers, etc.

The important part will be productivity reports, allowing users to keep track of their productivity rate. Examples: Toggl, Time Doctor, RescueTime.

CRM For Remote Workers

CRM for remote workers can be a wonderful utility tool for all remote workers and freelancers alike. One reason is that CRMs today aim to overkill the needs by adding up more features.

One of the biggest challenges for remote workers is how to manage their own workflow. CRM for remote workers is a mobile and web app that helps to keep everything in one place.

The CRM for remote workers tool has been designed to address the needs but it does not make the user feel overwhelmed or over-involved in the process of managing their workflow. 

People need tools that offer simplicity and efficiency. One of the best examples would be onZenta which offers a free CRM for remote workers.

Habit Tracker

Habit tracker as a micro-SaaS tool is one of the most popular ways to get started. It's also a good idea for those founders who want to offer the most value to their users.

This particular approach is best for founders who want an entry-level, low-commitment product that easily scales up. 

Some of the examples are Habitica, Habitify, Strides

Calendar Integration Tool

Well, yes there's a perfectly working Google Calendar and people love it. But there are some very cool areas where a calendar integration tool can work.

Calendly is an amazing example of this. It is a tool that helps individuals and businesses manage invitations, schedule meetings, and keep their appointments with a super clean UI.

Social Media Analytics

One of the most convenient micro-SaaS tools that you can build is a social media analytics tool. It helps monitor social media feeds, ranks keywords, provides insights on the audience and their interactions with an account, and updates you on popular articles in your industry.

This micro-SaaS idea with a set of unique features can help users analyze and understand their prospects and build a better online presence.

A Micro-SaaS Around Notion

Notion is a document collaboration platform that provides many features like tables, wiki, task manager, notes, etc. Notion is positioned in the market as an "all-in-one workspace". 

Make a Micro-SaaS tool around Notion, that's a seemingly good market to tap. There are existing popular services like saving the entire webpage through the Google Chrome extension.

There are plenty of no-code website services which turn Notion pages into a website or blog with no fuss.

Examples: automate.io, Notelet.so, Newsletter OS.

A Micro-SaaS Around a Social Network like Twitter

You can build a SaaS social media platform too but let's keep it for another day. For now, let's talk about one of the biggest social media platforms and how to plan a micro-SaaS tool around it. You can build your micro-SaaS around any social media platform of choice.

Creating something for Twitter that gives your users just the summary of what's trending as more than half of their audience is interested in just that.

In the case of Twitter, you need to be on a constant lookout and come with something like- Tweet.photo, HypeFury, Pikaso.me. 


Our intention with this blog is to inspire you with a few micro-SaaS ideas/concepts.

Remember to pick up an idea or solution that interests you, and which is unique and different from other players in the market. Once you are through with the idea validation process, you should start building your MVP and launch it quickly. Not in months but weeks.

If you need help with any aspect of launching and scaling up your new business, we’re here to assist.

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